The Interview Series

Look out ladies....

Because in 2019 I am bringing you The Interview Series!

A range of in-depth interviews with therapists and parents across Australia and the globe.

We are going to learn about therapies you have never heard of. 

Cutting edge neuro-feedback techniques. Movement based therapies that were designed for elite athletes and found to also have benefits for children on the spectrum. 

Dietary interventions that will help improve your child's eye contact, focus, communication and behavioural challenges. 

Communication methods that go far beyond PECS and PODD. 

Relationship development therapies which help you to intimately connect with your child, helping to build a bridge allowing them to join us in our world.

We will discuss these from a therapists point of view (how and why they work) and the research behind it - and even more importantly from a parents point of view. 

What changes parents saw in their child after they started the therapy. Which challenges did the therapy help with? Which did it not help with? Was it easy or difficult to implement the therapy? Did your child enjoy it and comply?

We will investigate who delivers the therapy. And where? How many hours per week is recommended. 

And importantly how to access funding for these therapies (whether that be NDIS or something else).

I am so excited to be bringing this series to you and if you have a particular therapy or intervention you would like to learn more about please email me


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