My Story


I'm Anna - founder of The Autism Collective and I'm so glad you're here!

I get it.

This whole crazy situation you find yourself in. The stress and fear and pressure. The unknown. And feeling completely overwhelmed and lost.

I have been there when the diagnosis is delivered that changes the entire trajectory of your life.

I have been through those mind numbing and exhausting sleepless nights where your child just Won't. Go. To. Sleep.

I have been there trying to work out what therapies you can and cannot afford despite knowing that they are all essential.

I have been told by one doctor that autism is hardwired, genetic and permanent.... and told by another doctor that many children can be completely recovered from autism and go on to live a happy and fulfilled life. 

I have felt that loss and grief and despair. And I have seen the many silver linings and unexpected pleasures that this life can bring.

Nothing can prepare you for the ride that comes along with a special needs child, but we can teach ourselves to do more than just cope - we can learn to thrive. I promise! 

I am not a mum with all the answers. I am a work in progress and I'm cool with that. However I am a mum who won't stop looking for answers. And I'm here to share a little of what I learn along the way.

Together we will learn how to look after us - because as mums we are the driving force of our child's success. I know it feels backwards, but we have to prioritise ourselves so that we can be our best for our kids.

Secondly we will learn how to help our children reach their potential by exploring the many options available - some of which I promise you have never heard of. But that doesn't mean they are not effective and not achievable. 

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Welcome to the Collective!